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10 Postcards From Oglesby Sleepwell

Gnome Oglesby Sleepwell’s favorite hobby is napping in parks and he’s made his way to Champaign! This tricky little gnome loves to find the comfiest of places to lay back and take a nap. To tell us where he has been, he will sent us 10 postcards with riddles for us to figure out what park he is in each day. 

Do you think you’re clever enough to decipher his riddles to find out where he’s napping? Scroll to the bottom for the answers!

Here are the 10 Postcards From Oglesby Sleepwell:


1. “It’s ‘Wright’ to say part of this Champaign Park could be in Urbana!”





2. “Where do all the park-goers have collar-ID?”




3. “Picnic here in summer with a twisted TAMALES KIT, but walk in winter with new PARKA/MITTS!”





4. “Its boughs are bowed, arced, and Bois d’Arc.”


Gnome laying taking a nap by sculpture of a peacock




5. “Even the real thing can’t lay eggs, but we’re proud as one at this ‘fan’ favorite!”




6. “Sometimes a fish or blade on ice, But just not here, to be precise. Parks in parks this much is true, No one’s ‘Bored’ visiting these two!”



7. “Once upon a time, a confused ERIN A PERKS walked here with a jambled SNEAKER RIP and found a fresh PINK ERASER!”





8. “With its sesquicentennial in 2024, our second oldest park is getting a long, grey, ‘beard’!”




9. “These Green Acres are the places to be: plots spreadin’ out far and wide!”





10. “Neither Netherlander nor Dutch–while new, always a dinosaur.”





Answers Below!

  1. Douglass Park
  2. Champaign Bark District
  3. Mattis Park
  4. Trevett-Finch Park
  5. Peacock at McCollum Park
  6. Spalding & Sunset Ridge Skate Parks
  7. Eisner Park
  8. Beardsley Park
  9. Eddie Albert Community Garden
  10. Moore Park
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