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4 Features at the New Hessel Playground

After school meetups, weekend destinations, or party celebrations—Hessel Park is the place to be! As our newest park, we have added features will keep the kids coming back. See why you should add it to your go-to list!


Artful Elements

Discover beautiful colors and designs evident throughout this playground! Spin the kaleidoscope wheels and create new, exciting images. Watch the sun pour through the color panels and incorporate color games into your playground time.


Creative Climbing

It’s our tallest playground to date. The highest platforms reach 12 feet above the safety surface! With a variety of climbable structures, it’s suitable for a variety of ages and abilities. Kids can test their balance, their reach, and their endurance.


Parent Play

We’re getting the parents involved with a unique swing option. No more pushing swings while kids have all the fun! Get in on it too and see those smiling faces as you enjoy the parent-child expression swing!

Easy Access

This inclusive playground has many ground play elements and features to make sure everyone can enjoy! Including ground structures, an accessible merry go round, and also a specialty swing, as well as a barrier-less border, we’re ensuring a good time. The safety floor is soft for any accidental impacts that will keep you up and running.hessel

Enjoy these new features, now open! Hessel is also undergoing renovations to the park path and a new splash pad, coming soon. Explore other parks HERE.

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