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5 Children’s Books to Read in Honor of Memorial Day

On Monday, May 25, we will be honoring the soldiers who did not make it home while serving in the U.S. military for Memorial Day. Teaching children the true meaning behind the national holiday can be challenging. So here are 5 Children’s Books to Read in Honor of Memorial Day:

1. The Poppy Lady

Shares the true story about how the poppy became the Remembrance Flower.



2. Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood 

A sweet rhyming story reminding us that veterans are all around us.



3. The Wall

 A boy and his father look for his grandfather’s name on the Vietnam War Memorial.



4. Hero Dad Hero Mom

Excellent book, sharing what it’s like to have a parent in the military. (Written from the child’s perspective, is especially helpful for children with a parent in the service.)



5. Memorial Day Surprise

There’s a surprise waiting for Marco at the head of the Memorial Day Parade!




Everyone at Champaign Park District says thank you to our friends and neighbors who are serving or served in the U.S. Military. 

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