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5 Reasons to Visit Our JOB FAIR

We’re hiring! Drop in to Springer Cultural Center to explore Champaign Park District opportunities for you. Read 5 reasons why the Job Fair is the perfect place to start the process.

1. We hire 400+ people in 43 positions. Whether you’re looking for a first-time job or want to put your specialized skills to use, our list of jobs include program directors, dance instructors, grounds workers, day camp leaders, and more.

2. Meet the people you’ll be working with. Representatives from Aquatics, CUSR, Day Camp, Operations, and Sports will be available to talk about openings. That means you’ll have a chance to chat with potential supervisors and teammates who have the best understanding of how your skills will contribute.

3. See a variety of opportunities in both seasonal and full time positions. Discover where you want to work. Take advantage of our organization’s many departments and this great opportunity to find out more about our openings.

4. On-site applications and on-the-spot interviews are available! We will have laptops set up for anyone who would like to fill out an application at the fair. We will help you through the process and answer any questions you might have. Some positions will also be conducting interviews to get you one step closer to employment.
5. Get a feel for our work culture. With so many representatives, you get to see how we work together, interact, and even our friendly competitiveness. Play a role by voting for the best booth, and help them win a prize! Be a part of the team as soon as you walk through the door!

Check out 8 Reasons to Work at CPD this Summer! to learn why we are the place to be.

Curious about positions, or ready to apply online today? Head to our website to get started now.

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