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5 Steps to a Magical Valentine Date Night and Beyond

Take a romantic stroll through your favorite park.

Throw on your snow boots and pompom hat and stroll mitten-hand in mitten-hand. Cozying up after will be extra special! 

Take a romantic photo under the marquee.

The Virginia Theatre lights will illuminate you for a beautiful photo. Roger Ebert will surely give it a thumbs up!

Join in for Mary Poppins, the Musical. 

(Feb 15-18) A classic tale, for a classic date. Order popcorn, snuggle in, and create a great memory. Dinner and after movie drink/dessert options are a short stroll away in Downtown Champaign



Reaffirm your commitment to love and creativity.

Adult pottery classes are registering for March. Get hands-on with clay and see what you can create together.

Reveal your Celebration Tree.

Flowers are lovely, but you can show your long-term love commitment instead.  We’ll give you a certificate for your future tree. Want a project instead? You and your partner the perfect new project to get you outdoors and working together by adopting a current tree instead.


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