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6 Reasons The CHORALE is the Perfect NYE Event

The CHORALE is immersed in talent, sense of community, and keeping alive history’s best musical features and entertainment. Their Annual New Year’s Eve Concert is just around the bend, and we’ve collected the inside scoop about their performance.

1. A tradition 25 years in the making.

In 1991, The CHORALE held its first New Year’s Eve concert and had to turn away 75 patrons from their packed house. The concert had the intent to fill the night with culture, fun, and a venue for an audience looking for a classic and enriching experience.


2. Local talent at its best.

Hear 50 talented, local voices who join The CHORALE simply for their love of music. Seven weeks of rehearsal were dedicated to the songs you’ll hear on Dec 31.

3. Support the future of music.

Your ticket helps to support high school seniors to continue their music education. Each spring, The Chorale has created a Young Artist Scholarship Program and gives $1,000 in scholarships to university attendees.


4. Guest artists, Davion Williams and Caitlin Caruso-Dobbs.

Two former scholarship recipients, Davion Williams (2004) and Caitlin Caruso-Dobbs (2012) will sing join the stage. Caitlin just graduated from the Steinhart School of Music in New York City and Davion earned his Masters in Music from the U of I. They will each perform individual sets and as well as sing duets together – The Prayer and Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

5. Hear the historic Wurlitzer Pipe Organ.

Virginia Theatre’s House Organist, David Schroeder, creates beautiful music from the historic 750-plus pipe organ.


6. Vaudeville inspired sing-a-long.

Boxes of miscellaneous, hand-painted glass slides were discovered at the Virginia Theatre. In the vaudeville days, these slides were used to display a sing-along and during intermission. Dan Perrino and others sifted through the hundreds of slides to find enough complete songs (usually 4-6 slides per song). These are projected to recreate the sing-along—a CHORALE tradition every New Year’s Eve since then.


Ring in the New Year with this spectacular performance. Get your tickets here.

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