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6 Reasons to Take a Trip to Dance Art’s Oz

The historical Virginia Theatre is housing emerald city this weekend. Don’t miss Dorothy’s adventure down the yellow brick road and Dance Arts Program’s own version of a well-known story, Journey the Land of Oz.

Presented by Dance Arts:

“Journey the Land of Oz”
with Irish, Tap, and Contemporary Dance

Saturday, April 8 ● 7pm
Sunday, April 9 ● 2pm & 7pm


  1. Our program features 82 dancers in this performance from many different forms, including Irish dance, tap dance, contemporary dance and ballet.

2. Parent volunteers have dedicated over 600 hours to the making of this fantastic production.

3. We have specialized character roles to help recreate the story using specialized choreography to tell the story like it’s never been told before. Students from our contemporary class will be dancing as the cyclone that carries Dorothy’s house into Munchkinland. 

4. Toto will be characterized by a dancer who wears a handmade costume. 

5. The set will begin in Dorothy’s homestead and will transform into emerald city. Special lighting is designed for each moment in the ballet to feature different points in the story. The story is about embarking on adventures while staying true to yourself and overcoming your own inhibitions.

6. The music for the performance has been taken from The Wizard of Oz original soundtrack.




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