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7 Fall Foliage Photo Hot Spots

We drool over those fall photos that showcase the vibrant colors of the season in the Midwest. To make it easier for you to find the best photo spots, we’ve rounded up the top parks in Champaign to take your family, engagement, wedding, and “just because” photos.

Bring along your favorite fall outfits, a cozy blanket, and get be ready to take advantage of these perfect backdrops.

Kaufman Lake

Perks: Huge lake, Tree-lined path

Kaufman’s walking trail around the lake provides angles and extra colorful reflections.


Johnston Park

Perks: Open field, lots of tree-lined space

Plenty of room for an extended family, Johnston is the perfect neighborhood park to spread out the blankets and capture those cheesy family grins.

img_1023 img_1024

Hessel Park

Perks: Trees, Trees, More trees

Hessel is home to more than 28 tree species. Bring the rake and jump into a pile of leaves for a playful action shot.


West Side Park

Perks: Prayer for Rain Fountain, Bilbrey Band Stand

Iconic West Side Park is steeped in history and a beautiful backdrop to represent your community.14657370_10155271636012977_4338174612591916436_nimg_4731smimg_1137

Helms Park

Perks: Stone Arch Bridge, stone tiers near running waterfall, prairie grasses

Stone Arch Bridge is one of the oldest remaining structures of Champaign, and is now surrounded by unique scenery including Boneyard Creek.

helms-animals-1 helms-animals-2helms-animals-3

Mattis Park

Perks: Lake views, Prairie grasses

Mattis is an active park with quiet nooks and crannies that provide highlights and shadows to make your pictures pop.

mattis-animals-2 mattis-animals-1

Spalding Skatepark

Perks: Slopes, ramps, and ledges, art by local artists

Get a creative edge at Spalding Skatepark, where the art is ever evolving. Benefit from local artist talent and find the design that represents you.

img_8427 img_8454sm img_8431sm

These photo locations are beautiful, free areas to capture some of nature’s beauty, fall leaves, and sunshine.  Happy snapping, and share your photos using #explorechampaignparks.


*No animals were harmed for these pictures. Nor were modeling contracts offered, but they sure are cute!

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