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8 Tips to Throwing a Party with CPD

♫♪We like, we like to party! ♫♪ And we want to party with YOU! There are a few things you probably didn’t realize that we offer. Get 8 reasons why CPD is the perfect place for party rentals and see what you’ve been missing!

1. Focus on the celebration and fun, not the cost with our affordable rates.

2. Let our trained staff take care of the kiddos with staff-led parties as you enjoy your piece of cake.

3. Every event and every personality will find a venue with us. Sports in the gym, meeting in the conference room, party at the pool? We’ve got you covered!

4. Want to bask in the summer sun, or hide from winter winds? We have outdoor park spaces, pool side tables, indoor playgrounds, and arts and crafts parties to suit your mood, and the weather. 5. Prop your feet up and let our staff take care of decorating when you choose one of our themed birthday packages. 

6. Seasonal specials will fuel your festive fiesta. Rent a fire ring and hayrack rides at Kaufman Lake to ramp up your party’s surprise factor.

7. Need to groove, and only a live concert will do? Our Showmobile is the portable stage you are looking for!

8. Get that old school glam and Hollywood feel at Virginia Theatre. Coming Soon! Wedding Party Packages that’ll have you seeing your name in the lights.

With 15 facilities and pavilions for rent, you’ll find you perfect party spot. Read more about our Rentals!

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