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9 Flannel Fest Mustache Contest Categories

Flannel Fest's main stage featuring the Mustache Contest.

We want to give you plenty of time to plan your Mustaches and Beards for our upcoming Mustache Contest at Flannel Fest on Saturday, October 15 at 4p on the main stage. We changed up the categories a bit since last year so make sure to plan your facial hair for the big day!

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1. Best Mustache 

Man with mustache smiling in the Flannel Fest Mustache Contest.

A mustache is composed of facial hair above the upper lip.

2. Best Partial Beard

Man with sculpted mustache talking to the host of the Flannel Fest Mustache Contest.

A partial beard is any facial hair that is neither a full beard nor a mustache.

3. Best Full Beard

Winner of the Flannel Fest Mustache Contest smiling with his prize.

A full beard consists of hair on the upper and lower lip, the chin, the cheeks, and the sideburns.

4. Free Style 

Man with sculpted mustache talking to host of Flannel Fest Mustache Contest.

Get creative, waxes, hairspray etc. Can create a thistle from your beard? Go for it. Real hair only.

5. Natural

Man with burly natural beard showing it off on stage.

Free of products and all natural.

6. Fantasy

Woman wearing a large crafted beard from flowers.

For all genders, made of natural or creative hair pieces and materials.

7. Youth (ages 4+)

Little girl wearing flannel dress and fake black mustache holding a balloon animal.

For the young ones to get creative and show us their facial hair creations.

8. Baby (ages 0-3)

Baby with a pencil drawn mastache.

Itty bitty babies always look cute with facial hair.

9. Overall 

Man with large natural beard holding the overall winner trophy of the Flannel Fest Mustache Contest.

Simply the best; better than all the rest!

Flannel Fest 2022

Flannel Fest goer smiling and taking pictures.

The Champaign Park District’s Flannel Fest is bigger and better than ever before. On October 14 & 15, Flannel Fest will be taking over Centennial Park.

Live lumberjack shows from Lumberjack Enterprises, music for children and adults, games, inflatables, beer sales and more will transform Centennial Park into a massive fall festival over the course of this two-day event.

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