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Open Government

The Champaign Park District exists to serve the residents of Champaign, Illinois.  We value transparency, community participation, and accessibility of information.

Municipal Directory

2017 Municipal Directory

Freedom of Information Act Requests  (FOIA Requests)

In accordance with 5 ILCS, Par. 140/1, Freedom of Information Act, the Champaign Park District shall make available to any person for inspection or copying all public records, except as otherwise provided in Section 7 of this Act.
Persons may request public records either via e-mail or in writing. Requestors are encouraged to submit requests in writing to expedite accurate processing of their requests to Joe DeLuce, Executive Director (FOIA/Open Meetings Act Officer) or Cindy Harvey, Executive Assistant (Alternative FOIA/Open Meetings Act Officer) at 706 Kenwood Road, Champaign, Illinois 61821 or e-mail requests to foia.officer@champaignparks.com. Requests should be sufficiently detailed to identify the documents sought to be examined or copied.  For assistance please call Cindy Harvey at 217-819-3831.

FOIA Officers:
Joe DeLuce, Executive Director
Cindy Harvey, Executive Assistant

To make a FOIA requestFOIA Request Form

Public Act 097-0609 – Total Compensation Report

In accordance with Illinois Public Act 097-0609, the Champaign Park District posts the total compensation package for each employee who has a total compensation package in excess of $75,000 per year. For questions, please contact the Director of Human Resources, Tammy Hoggatt or call 217-819-3823.

FY18: Total Compensation Report

Annual Budgets

The Champaign Park District posts annual budgets for public viewing.  For questions, please contact the Director of Finance, Andrea Wallace or call 217-819-3826.

Annual-Budget – FY 17-18
Annual-Budget – FY 16-17
Annual-Budget – FY 15-16
Annual Budget – FY 14-15
Annual Budget – FY 13-14
Annual Budget – FY 12-13

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

The Champaign Park District posts comprehensive annual financial reports for public viewing. For questions, please contact the Director of Finance, Andrea Wallace or call 217-819-3826.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (April 2017)
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (April 2016)
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (April 2015)
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (April 2014)

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (April 2013)
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (April 2012)

Performance Measurement Reports

Performance measurement provides an objective and quantifiable way in which to see successes and areas in need of improvement. For questions, please contact the Director of Finance, Andrea Wallace or call 217-819-3826.

Performance Measurement Report (July 2017)

Truth in Taxation Notice

A public hearing to approve a proposed property tax levy increase for the Champaign Park District will be held on November 9, 2016 at the Bresnan Meeting Center, Champaign, Illinois 61821.

Any person desiring to appear at the public hearing present testimony to the taxing district may contract Joe DeLuce, Executive Director, 706 Kenwood Road, Champaign, Illinois, (217) 819-3821.

Click here for the Truth in Taxation Notice

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