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Aieshia Moore

Martens Center Receptionist

Amanda Carrington

CUSR Center Receptionist

Andrea Wallace

Director of Finance

Andrew Weiss

Director of Planning

Anthony Howell

Maintenance Specialist – Mechanic

A headshot of Avery Edwards

Avery Edwards

Horticulture Worker I

Bailey Walden

Bailey Walden

Horticulture Worker II

Bret Johnson

Assistant Director of Operations

Chelsea Norton

Director of Marketing & Development

Christina Mott

CUSR Athletics & Volunteer Coordinator

Dan Olson

Director of Operations

Dave Burge

Maintenance Specialist - Carpentry

David Galvin

Leonhard Recreation Center Manager

Dylan Johnson

Grounds Specialist

Dylan Warnick

Maintenance Specialist - Plumber

Eddie Pfluger

Horticulture Worker I

Ellie McGrew

Arborist II

Erin Dietmeier

Horticulture Supervisor

Erin Hadley

HR Manager

Haley Gillespie

Dance Arts Supervisor

Heather Miller

Director of HR

Jameel Jones

Director of Recreation

James Kennedy

Maintenance Worker II – HVAC

Jarrod Scheunemann

Director of Administrative Services

Jeff Headley

Virginia Theatre Front-of-House Coordinator

Jimmy Gleason

Director of Revenue Facilities

Jimmy Hutchcraft

Maintenance Supervisor

Joe Kearfott

Assistant Director of Administrative Services

Josh Borchardt

Special Project Specialist

Jovaunte Johnson

Building Service Worker

Justice Miller

Sports Manager

Katherine Hicks

Douglass Park Manager & Martens Center Program Manager

Katy Denight

Graphic Designer

Kelly Albert

Accounting Clerk

Kenny Denton

Trash & Recycling

Kyle Covault

Park Maintenance Specialist

Laura Auteberry

Development Director

Lynne Franco

Douglass Park Program Coordinator

Mary Howell

Douglass Community Center Receptionist II

Max Buckingham

Park Maintenance Worker

Melanie Kahler

Cultural Arts Manager

Michelle Horvat

Preschool Supervisor

Michelle Olden

Cultural Arts Coordinator

Miguel Gaona

Grounds Arbor Specialist

Mike Davis

Mike Davis

Natural Areas Specialist I

Misty Stocking

Registration and Parks Reservations Manager

Mitch Marlow

Virginia Theatre Sales & Public Relations Manager

Nikiaya Brandon

CUSR Adult & Events Coordinator

Pete Frieden

Maintenance Specialist - Electrical

Rachel Voss

Marketing Manager

Rich Bosch

Grounds Specialist

Robert White

Douglass Park Adult & Senior Coordinator

Ryan Hays

Aquatics & Tennis Manager

Ryan Musgrove

Grounds Worker

Sarah Sandquist

Executive Director

Sean Hurst

Springer Cultural Center Facilities Coordinator

Shannon Clarkson

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Shannon Walter

Leonhard Recreation Center Program Manager

Headshot of Stephanie Hege

Stephanie Hege

Virginia Theatre Box Office Manager

Stephen White

Virginia Theatre Technical Manager

Steven Bentz

Director of the Virginia Theatre

Steven Richey

Bresnan Meeting Center Building Service Worker

Thomas Albers

Horticulture Specialist

Thomas McElrath

Building Service Worker

Todd Blazaitis

Budget Manager

Tommy Buhr

Grounds Supervisor

Tristan Elzy

CUSR Youth and Teen Coordinator

Wes Stoerger

Maintenance Worker II

Will Schoell

Special Events Coordinator

Yuri Sohn

Head Tennis Professional

Zoe Southlynn-Savage

Special Events Manager

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