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Adult Dance Classes

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Beginning Adult Ballet 

Ages 16+
This class is for adults with 0 to 2 years of experience or for students with former education who want to get back into training. Fundamentals of formal ballet will be taught. Necessary skills such as core stability, weight placement, turnout, and alignment will be introduced.



Intermediate Adult Ballet

Ages 16+
This class continues to build on the information learned in Beginning Adult. Students should have 2 to 4 years of continuous training and teacher recommendation. In adage movements, instructors will be watching for the development of weight placement over the forefoot of the supporting leg in order to facilitate correct turnout and strength. Single pirouettes should become refined and strong, and doubles will be introduced. Ballon in petit allegro should be cleanly established. Grand allegro will become refined.


Advanced Adult Ballet

Ages 16+
Students should have 4+ years of continuous training and teacher recommendation. Further development of strength and control of the trunk and pelvis will be concentrated on in adage work. This control of the body’s core will be further called upon to perform the correct throwing action of the leg for a grand battement and also in grand allegro. Double pirouettes should be easily attained at this level.



Adult Beginning Modern

Ages 16+

So you think you can dance? Feel inspired to try something new? This beginner class will introduce you to several basic concepts of Modern dance technique that will encourage strength, coordination, and a spirit of adventure. Classes will include warm-up, technical training, and movement exercises. Younger students will be considered with permission from the Dance Arts Director.


Tap Dance

Please visit our Tap Dance page to learn more about Adult Tap classes!

Adult Pointework

Adult Pointework will be included in the Advanced Adult Ballet class and is designated for adults who want to work on strengthening their feet and work in pointe shoes carefully. Students interested in taking the pointe portion of Advanced Adult Ballet must be taking two technique classes per week and be approved by Dance Arts staff. Students enrolled in Advanced Adult Ballet who do not wish to take pointework will continue class on demi pointe and be given additional strengthening exercises.

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