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BBQ Competition
at Taste of CU

Saturday, August 17, 2019
Register to Compete by August 9, 2019
   West Side Park at Taste of CU

Kids BBQ

ages 8-14
5 individual cuts of any kind of pork
Turn in 12:00PM

Entry Fee $20
(Trophies for top three scores)


ages 15+
At least 6 individual pieces, no garnish
Turn in 1:00PM

Entry Fee $30


ages 15+
At least 6 individual cut ribs, no garnish
Turn in 2:00PM

Entry Fee $30

 Trophies and cash payouts for 1-5 of highest scores in both rib and chicken categories.


Decorative Booth Display- Voted by popular public vote.  Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 booths.

BBQ Cook-Off Competition Rules

  • One Competition entry per category per Team; Additional entries will not be accepted.
  • Categories – Entry fee is $30 per category
  • Pork Ribs – must be one of the following: Baby Back, Loin Back Ribs, or St. Louis Cut Spare Ribs & be bone in.
  • Chicken – No Cornish or whole chickens. Must be individual pieces & any part of chicken (leg, thigh, wing, or breast)
  • Cooking must be done on site. Cooking over wood, wood pellets, or use of charcoal is allowed. Use of gas/propane grills or smokers are prohibited.
  • Pre-Trimming of Chicken & Ribs is allowed. Teams are not allowed to BRINE OR SEASON MEATS prior to the Cook-Off. All meat will be inspected by an official prior to preparation. All meat must start out raw. The Health Department requires all meat to be held on ice or refrigeration at 40 degrees or less prior to cooking. All cooked meats must be maintained at a minimum temperature of 140 degrees. ***Tip – Don’t undercook your chicken or pork entries. Judges are allowed to DQ any entry deemed “too rare”. This is not uncommon with cooks trying to not dry out chicken breast or pork ribs.
  • Teams must provide all necessary equipment for the Cook-Off. You must also have a small sanitation bucket or container of sanitized water for your cooking equipment. A water source will be provided, but not electricity.
  • We’ll have ample space and will try to comfortably accommodate any requests. Teams are able to set up between 6am-7:30am the day of event. Category turn in times will be posted at each event.
  • Entries must be submitted to the judging area in your numbered container provided by the Event Organizer. You will need to submit at least 6 separate portions.
  • Entries will be judged on the areas of Appearance, Tenderness/Texture, & Taste.
  • Garnish is not required. Side sauces will not be allowed. Meat may be presented with or without sauce applied to it (i.e. wet or dry).

All participating event judging will be monitored by Lucas Schoonover.

Questions? Call/Text Lucas Schoonover 217-202-5668

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