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Bike Your Park Day!

Saturday, Sept 23, celebrate Bike Your Park Day! Explore your parks by bicycle with thousands of others throughout the world on the same day. 

Join us and hundreds of others for Bike Your Park Day on Sept 23, 2023! Ride your park or public lands. Ride however long you like on roads, paved bike paths, or single track. Stop and enjoy a spectacular view, your favorite ice cream, a cooling lake dip, or a historical site. Share your joy and journey with friends and community while adventuring on your public lands by bicycle.

It’s totally free to participate! Just tag @adventurecycling, use #BikeYourPark and #ExploreChampaignParks, and name your public lands on your social posts so we can share your joy with all riders.


Simon Trail to Roby Trail to Robeson Meadows Trail

Begin in Wisegarver Park off Kirby & Mattis Ave. and head west to the beautiful Robeson Park. Take a break to play or relax, or wind your way through the park and extend your ride to Meadows Square Park on Scottsdale Drive. Take a break and then you can follow the tail back!

Boulware Trail

Start at Moore Park and pedal the Mattis Park lake front. Finish your ride by heading to the some great eats near Fox Drive and Neil before heading back!

Carle at the Fields Trail

Extends along Curtis Road from Staley Road to Interstate 57, along Staley Road from Curtis Road to Zahnd Park, south of Zahnd Park and the Stephen’s Family YMCA, and along Interstate 57 from Curtis Road to the Stephen’s Family YMCA

Greenbelt Bikeway Trail

This trail passes through 3 parks. Beginning on the North end in Dodds Park on Parkland Way Drive extending to the South for .44 miles. After crossing over Bradley Avenue, it continues through Heritage Park for .65 miles. After passing under Interstate 72 it finishes in Kaufman Park for .35 miles.

Discover A Trail

Not sure what path is right for you? Visit our trails page for more trails sprinkled throughout Champaign! 




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