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Bike Your Park Day!

Saturday, Sept 30, celebrate Bike Your Park Day! Explore your parks  by bicycle with thousands of others throughout the world on the same day. 

Adventure Cycling association reports over 550 rides with more than 3,000 participants in 48 U.S. states, Washington DC, and several countries are already registered for the second annual Bike Your Park Day on September 30. Thousands more will participate. Register your ride at http://bit.ly/2w26l3K. Bike Your Park Day encourages people to explore parks and public lands by bicycle whether it’s on paved roads or paths or a mountain bike trail, or in an urban or rural setting. 

Looking for some excellent trails in Champaign? Our multiuse trails that are perfect way to get in on the fun!


Simon Trail to Roby Trail to Robeson Meadows Trail

Begin in Wisegarver Park off Kirby & Mattis Ave. and head west to the beautiful Robeson Park. Take a break to play or relax, or wind your way through the park and extend your ride to Meadows Square Park on Scottsdale Drive. Take a break and then you can follow the tail back!


Boulware Trail

Start at Moore Park and pedal the Mattis Park lake front. Finish your ride by heading to the some great eats near Fox Drive and Neil before heading back!

Discover A Trail

Not sure what path is right for you? See all the trails that are sprinkled throughout Champaign! 




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