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Summer Preschool Programs in a Bag

Preschoolers, get ready for summer! Our preschool staff has created Summer Preschool Programs in a bag! These bags will be packed with daily activities to provide enriching summertime experiences. Each bag will include an indoor activity, outdoor activity, music, story time, and craft for each day of the week.

Fee (Resident/Non-Resident): $35/$52.50 per bag. Bags must be picked up at Springer Cultural Center (301 N. Randolph St.). Enter from Church St., drive up to the end of the ramp, pop your trunk, and staff will put the bag in your trunk. Please stay in your car.

DateDeadlinePick up 9-11amClass ID
June 1-5May 25June 1120154-01
June 8-12May 29June 8120154-02
June 15-19June 5June 15120154-03
June 22-26June 12June 22120154-04
June 29-July 3June 19June 29120154-05
July 6-10June 26July 6120154-06
July 13-17July 3July 13120154-07
July 20-24July 10July 20120154-08
July 27-31July 17July 27120154-09

Questions: melanie.kahler@champaignparks.org or 217-398-2376

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