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Champaign Park District Coloring Pages

Looking for some new coloring sheets? We have some coloring sheets inspired from various Champaign Park District facilities and programs drawn by local artists! Download these coloring pages for free below.

Martens Center Mural

The Martens Center >> Mural by Jose Vazquez is a beautiful way to enter our new facility! You can color pieces of the mural to decorate your own walls.

Martens Center Mural & Art: Jose Vazquez.


Youth Theatre Presents: Moana Jr

In 2021, our Youth Theatre program >> performed Moana Jr.! During the Tech Week Photo Call, we captured an iconic picture of our talented lead. We felt this picture was perfect coloring sheet material!

Original Photo & Art: Rachel Voss


Porter Park Sunflower

Brighten your day by coloring a sunflower that was captured in Robert C. Porter Park >>!

Original Photo: Katy Denight
Art by: Rachel Voss

Sholem Aquatic Center Turtle

Sholem Aquatic Center turtle on an innertube. Here’s 7 Sholem Aquatic Center Turtle Coloring Sheets!

Art: Unknown at this time


CPD Egg Hunts

Outlines of decorated eggs to use as a coloring sheet.Help us bring a touch of spring to C-U with a Champaign Park District egg coloring sheet! Print off one or both of our coloring sheets for your home to enjoy.  Once your masterpieces are complete, hang them in the window for the world to see!

Art: Katy Denight


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