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Dance Company Bios


Ankita Bhargava – Senior Company

Ankita is currently a sophomore at Uni High. She has been dancing with the Dance Arts conservatory for seven years and has been a member of Senior Company for three. When she isn’t dancing, she can be found reading a book or drawing.


Mackenzie Britton – Senior Company

Mackenzie has been dancing for 11 years and performed in 8 shows and various different roles. Her favorite performance was “The Wizard of Oz” in which she danced as a flying monkey. Between the Dance Arts Conservatory and her school’s dance team, she enjoys learning various different styles and techniques of dance. Outside of dance, she enjoys playing the violin with her school orchestra program.


Melissa Huanca-Camargo – Senior Company


Lorelei Cosper – Senior Company

Lorelei Cosper is native to Urbana, Illinois where they first started falling in love with dance. Locally, they have trained in ballet, tap, musical theatre, jazz, and various modern styles. Through Dance Arts Conservatory, they have trained under and performed works by Kyle Ayers, Corbin Phillips, Jessica Bengtson, and Tanya Picard.

They have also had the pleasure of taking class with Ariane Dolan, Melinda Wilson, Ava Gordy, and workshops with the Mark Morris dance group. Lorelei is currently a sophomore at Parkland College and pursuing a BA in Psychology.


Amelia Gimble –Senior Company
Amelia has been dancing for thirteen years, with her first performance being a group tap piece at the age of 4. At the Dance Conservatory, she has been in many shows, such as the Journey to Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and her favorite, the Wayward Girl. Her dance career consists of ballet, tap, modern, and Irish dance.


Noah Grucza –Senior Company

Noah is 16 years old and is a junior at Centennial High School. He intends to go to college after graduation and major in Computer Science. Noah enjoys playing video games and spending time with his friends in his free time.

At Dance Arts Conservatory, Noah danced the role of The Lovestruck Schoolboy in “The Wayward Girl” in 2019. Then Covid. And more Covid. In this year’s Gala, Noah will appear in a duet based on the pas de quatre from the ballet “Raymonda” and in Corbin Phillips’ “What we Take With Us”. Noah is in Level 5 at Dance Arts Conservatory.


Gwen Kaiser –Senior Company

Gwen started taking ballet classes with the Dance Arts Conservatory at age ten. A few years later she began taking modern dance in addition to ballet. Gwen has worked with a variety of dance teachers throughout the years who have provided different dance and teaching styles. When she’s not at dance class or at work she enjoy painting with acrylics and experimenting with new artistic mediums.


Molly Maxwell –Senior Company

Molly is in her 16th year of dancing: Ballet, Irish and Modern. Her passion has always been to teach dance and this year has taught Move with Me, Creative Movement, Ballet 101, Ballet 1 and Irish 1. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, outdoors, and playing games.


Neha Bhargava –Junior Company

Neha Bhargava has been taking ballet lessons at the Dance Arts Conservatory for seven years. She is also a member of junior company. Her favorite role that she danced as was a diamond in Gems and Jewels. In addition to dance, Neha loves baking, traveling, painting, and being with her friends.


Julie Britton –Junior Company

Julie Britton has been dance with the Dance Arts Conservatory for ten years. She mostly does Ballet, but she also trains in modern, contemporary, and hip-hop. One of her favorite performances she’s done is Gems and Jewels. Other than dancing, she enjoys reading, painting, and hanging out with friends.


Romeo Gimble –Junior Company
Romeo has been dancing for eight years, with his first performance being the hokey pokey in a bee costume at the age of 4. At the Dance Conservatory, he has been in many roles, such as a thief in Gems and Jewels and the head rooster in the Wayward Girl. His dance career consists of ballet, Irish, tap, and modern dance.


Abby VanDuyne –Junior Company

Abby VanDuyne has been dancing with the Dance Arts Conservatory for ten years. She is training in ballet, modern, and tap. Her favorite ballet she’s performed is The Wayward Girl (La fille mal gardée). Besides dancing, Abby loves to bike, sing, hang out with friends, and play with her dog.






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