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Irish Dance Curriculum

Irish Dance

All class ages are based on general information. If a student is more advanced than is stated for their age group, please contact the Dance Arts Director at 398-2376. Students will be placed at the discretion of the instructor.

Summer Programs

Summer Cultural Arts program registration is available! More information is coming soon. You can still register for these programs on WebTrac now.


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Ages 4-12
In the Beginner level, dancers will learn basic soft shoe/ghillie technique. This includes how to turn out one’s feet, stand on their tiptoes, point their toes, lift their feet up, cross one foot in front of the other, stand with their shoulders back, their arms in, and their head up. This will be incorporated into the dancers’ steps. The dancers in Beginner are not required to have soft shoes (ghillies) and may wear socks or jazz shoes to class. If students wish to continue dancing, it is highly recommended that they purchase brown-bottom soft shoes after the first half of the year.


Ages 6-12

The Advanced Beginner class will learn the Light Jig, the First Reel, and the Hop Jig, as well as promenades, and will be required to prove their proficiency in these before being promoted to the next level of classes. Another soft shoe dance and ceili group dances will also be taught. This level will also begin to learn hard shoe technique, although hard shoes will not be required until after the first half of the year.



Ages 8-15
The dancers in the Intermediate class have proven they have mastered all of the dances described in Beginner and Advanced Beginner. Because of their proficiency in those basic dances, the Intermediate level will be presented with more difficult dances. Furthermore, Traditional Set dances will be covered. A higher emphasis on technique will be also be expected in the Intermediate level.


Ages 11+
The Advanced class is for students who have demonstrated a thorough understanding and skilled execution of the technical training provided in all of the previous levels. The dancers in this level have mastered all of their old steps in the Beginner, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate classes. Since these students have proven their mastery, they will be challenged with more difficult dances and dance moves. These dancers, while in the Advanced level, must further refine their technique and will be challenged to push past any errors in carriage. Dancers will have more freedom to focus their energy into creating a dance of their own that showcases their individual talents.

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