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Specialized Dance Curriculum

Hip Hop 

Ages 12+
Experience the exciting dance form of hip hop.  Students can expect to learn basic techniques in breaking, and body isolations.  Learn how to integrate your moves into your own combinations, and freestyles!  This class will also work on choreography to popular pop songs.  No prior experience necessary.

Musical Theatre Workshop

Ages 12+
Love musical theatre, or just love dancing to popular show tunes? These monthly workshops are for you! In each workshop, you’ll learn the basics of musical theatre dance styles from a variety of shows representative of different eras. In addition to learning dance steps, you’ll also learn valuable tools to shine onstage, enhancing both your stage presence and character skills while performing!

Beginning Jazz 

Ages 12+
In Jazz dance class, students will focus on learning and perfecting proper dance technique and improvement of quality of movement in the various styles within the jazz genre, including, but not limited to, Broadway and Contemporary. Class curriculum is based on ballet technique, layered with traditional jazz movement, such as isolation. The jazz dance curriculum will provide students with a wellrounded dance education in the technique and performance quality needed in many forms of popular dance.

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