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Specialized Dance Curriculum


Musical Theatre Dance

Ages 12+
Bring out your inner Broadway Dancer in this Musical Theatre Dance class! Leap, turn, and kick your way through fun combinations to both classic and contemporary Broadway tunes. No previous experience required.

Hip Hop

Ages 12+
Experience the exciting dance form of hip hop. Students can expect to learn basic techniques in breaking, and body isolations. Learn how to integrate your moves into your own combinations and freestyles! This class will also work on choreography to popular pop songs. No prior experience necessary.


Belly Dance 101 & 102

Ages 16 +
Journey into the beautiful art form of Belly Dance, where you will find adventure in every turn. Shimmies, Snake Arms, Hip Circles, Swivels, Lifts, and Drops are some of the moves you will delight in learning. Have fun with combinations while building skills and learn to connect them in succession. Progress to Belly Dance 2 with previously learned movements and new steps like Infinity Loops and Jewels. Belly Dance builds confidence, body strength, coordination, and is an enriching and empowering experience, celebrating all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Belly Dance Intermediate I & II

Ages 16+
For those with previous Belly Dance experience who are ready to take it to the next level. This class focuses on more combinations and layering, encouraging refinement and ease. This class can be a great tool in building skills. Previous Belly Dance experience required.


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