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Tap Dance Curriculum

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Winter/Spring 2020 Class Chart

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2020 Performance Agreement

Children’s Beginner Tap

Ages 8-12
Flap, shuffle, and slide into the classic art form of American Tap Dance! Learn a plethora of moves rhythms to fun music that will help you bring on the noise and the funk in this starter class. No previous experience necessary.


Children’s Advanced Tap

Ages 8-12

Continue to expand your tap technique, have fun dancing to a variety of musical styles, and begin exploring how tap can express a character and tell a story.

Prerequisite: Children’s Beginning Tap



Adult Intermediate Tap

Ages 13+
Continue building on your tap dance technique as you dive into traditional and contemporary combinations with more complex musicality and syncopation. Begin to learn some classic tap dance choreography that you can share with friends and family. Previous tap experience required.

Prerequisites: Children’s Advanced Beginning Tap or Adult Advanced Beginning Tap


Adult Beginner Tap

Ages 13+
It’s never too late to learn the Shim Sham! In this beginner class, you’ll learn the basics of tap dance through traditional and contemporary dance patterns that will have you jivin’ all year long.



Ages 13+
Refine your tap fundaments, and expand your technique. “Get your groove on” dancing to jazz, rock, Broadway, and classical music, as well as creating your own “riffs” through improvisation.

Prerequisite: Adult Beginning Tap

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