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Early Childhood

Our early childhood programs are designed to provide parents with a variety of activities for their preschoolers during the day. Parents have the flexibility to choose one or all three programs to design a program that works best for them. Bring your lunch and stay all day in a supervised environment!  Staff provide safe transitions, escorting students from one class to the next. Please select see our current Program Guide for more information.

Art Smart Kids

Ages 3 – 5
The Art Smart Kids Program provides supervised art-focused recreational activities for children who do not attend kindergarten. Art Smart Kids will develop your child’s creativity, imagination and self-expression through activities in music, movement, creative dramatics, storytelling, crafts, and two & three dimensional art. Like Busy Bees, Art Smart Kids allows your child to learn in a fun, safe environment, however, Art Smart Kids focuses on preparing your child’s creativity and artistic awareness before they begin Kindergarten. Art Smart Kids will provide opportunities for participants to develop their creativity, imagination and self-expression, as well as to grow socially and emotionally.

School Year
September – May, 9:00 – 11:30a
Fees (R|NR):
M/W -$81|$121.50  per month
F -$45|$67.50 per month
Online registration not available for this program.

Art Smart Kids Parent Handbook 2017
Art Smart Kids Parent Info & Forms 2017



Busy Bees Preschool

Ages 3-5
The Busy Bees Preschool program is a kindergarten readiness program. Busy Bees provides a simulating and secure environment in which your child can grow socially, intellectually and emotionally. The children have opportunities in large and small groups for music, outdoor play, creative play, math and reading readiness activities, organized games, arts and crafts activities, and stories. Busy Bees allows your child to learn in an enriched setting; however Busy Bees focuses on preparing your child intellectually for Kindergarten. Short units are planned and taught by experienced and caring teachers with child development credentials. 

September – May
Fees (R|NR):
Age 3
M/W, 8:30-11:15a
$68|$102  per month

Ages 4-5
Tu/Th/F, 8:30-11:15a
$92|$138 per month

Tu/Th/F, 12:30-3:15p
$92|$138 per month
Online registration not available for this program.

Busy Bees/Creative Play Time Parent Handbook 2017
Busy Bees Parent Info & Forms 2017

Busy Bees 5-Day Preschool

Ages 4 1/2 – 6
Music, stories, games, creative play, arts, crafts, outdoor play, and math and reading readiness activities are provided by caring and experienced teachers. Children ages 4½ to 6 years old missing the kindergarten cut-off date for elementary school or having had two years of preschool may enroll.

September – May
M-F, 8:30-11:30a
Fees (R|NR): $160|$240 per month
Online registration not available for this program.

Busy Bees/Creative Play Time Parent Handbook 2017
Busy Bees Parent Info & Forms 2017

Creative Play Time

Ages 3-5
This program gives children an opportunity to enjoy more relaxed preschool activities such as crafts, music and recreation. This program is an excellent complement to both Art Smart Kids and Busy Bees. It provides time for the children to enjoy themselves after working hard reading, painting and acting in the morning. If children attend this program directly after attending our morning preschool program, we will provide supervision while the children eat their sack lunches.

September – May
Fees (R|NR):
M/W, 11:30a-3:15p
$68|$102  per month

Tu/Th/F, 11:30a-3:15p
$92|$138 per month

M-F, 11:30a-3:15p
$160|$240 per month

M/W, 3:15-5:30p
$35|$52.50 per month

Tu/Th/F, 3:15-5:30p
$60|$90 per month

M-F, 3:15-5:30p
$93|$139.50 per month
Online registration not available for this program.

Busy Bees/Creative Play Time Parent Handbook 2017
Creative Play Time Info & Forms 2017

Summer Preschool Information

These classes are only held during the summer …see our Program guide for more details.

Download/View: 2017 Summer Preschool Parent Info and Forms

Friday Funsters

Friday Funsters is a preschool camp held on Fridays for eight weeks. Themes include “Out on the Farm,” “Water Day,” and “A Hiking We Will Go!” The camp includes indoor & outdoor activities, storytelling, arts and crafts, music and movement, and snacks. Drive-up drop off will be provided.



Ages 3-5
Preschoolers can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, music, arts, crafts, storytime, field trips, and snacks (children will take turns bringing snacks). Parents may choose both sessions. Different activities will be provided on a daily basis.


Extended Swingsetters

Ages 3-5
Extend your Swingsetters day with more fun indoor and outdoor activities. Parents, please send a sack lunch with your child.


Extended Preschool Camp

Ages 3-5
Preschoolers will continue to enjoy indoor & outdoor activities, arts, crafts and story time (children will take turns bringing snacks). Parents may choose both sessions; each day a different activity will be provided. You may send a sack lunch with your child to extend the day.


Other Preschool Classes

See our Program Guide for more info on these (and other) preschool programs.

Shake & Make & Create – Ages 2-4 with parent
ABC’s & 123’s – Ages 2-4. Parents may participate with their child
Wiggle, Giggle, Climb & Play – Ages 2-3 with parent
How Does Your Garden Grow? – Ages 3-5 with parent
Preschooler Creative Cooking – Ages 3-5 with parent
Pumpkin Guts – Ages 3-5 with parent
Creative Art Birthday Parties – Preschool – 4th Grade

SCC Birthday parties

Questions: Call Melanie Kahler – Cultural Arts Manager at 819-3919 or melanie.kahler@champaignparks.com

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