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Ashland Park Subdivision Trail (2 miles)

Around & thru the subdivision surrounding Toalson Park East of Prospect Ave & North of Interstate Dr. (Get Directions)

Ashland Trail

December 19, 2016

Robeson Meadows West Trail (2.0 miles)

Through the Robeson Meadows West subdivision South of Windsor Rd. and West of Duncan Rd. (Get Directions)

Robeson Meadows WestTrail

Roby Trail (1.43 miles)

Beginning in Robeson Park it extends to the Northeast through the subdivisions ending at Mattis Ave just South of Kirby Ave. (Get Directions)

Roby Trail

Simon Trail (0.53 miles)

Beginning at Mattis Ave. just South of Kirby Ave., it continues East to Wisegarver Park and then South to Devonshire Dr. (Get Directions)

Simon Trail

Greenbelt Bikeway Trail (1.44 miles)

This trail begins in Dodds Park, continues through Heritage Park, and finishes in Kaufman Park. (Get Directions)

Greenbelt Bikeway Trail

Turnberry Ridge Trail (1.0 miles)

Turnberry Ridge Subdivision (Get Directions)

Turnberry Ridge Trail

Martin Luther King Trail (0.25 miles)

Begins at Wesley Park and extends south ending at Washington St. & Fourth St. (Get Directions)

Martin Luther King Trail

North Champaign Trail (0.34 miles)

Beginning at Interstate Dr. East of Prospect Ave. and continuing south to Moreland Blvd. (Get Directions)

North Champaign Trail

Pipeline Trail (1.0 miles)

This trail extends between Kirby & Windsor Roads West of Mullikin Drive. (Get Directions)

Pipeline Trail

Robeson Meadows Trail (2.0 miles)

Beginning in Robeson Park and extending south into the Robeson Meadows subdivision. (Get Directions)

Robeson Meadows Trail

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