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Gather the Dragon Balls, Champaign!

Champaign Park District has been busy with our #ParksRock project to spread art in the park one rock at a time! We’ve given away 200 free Rock-Painting Craft Kits for you to add your own style to your favorite parks, programs across the district have painted rocks, and our marketing staff have painted over 100 rocks all to hide in parks. Check out a few of our rocks in the gallery below!

These rocks are fun to look for while you #ExploreChampaignParks but we wanted to do something more with 7 of the painted rocks…We want you to work together as a community to gather the Dragon Balls!


What is a Dragon Ball?

For those of you unfamiliar with this fandom, Dragon Balls are the namesake artifact of the Dragon Ball series. They are orange, crystalline spheres with the ability to call forth the Eternal Dragon Shenron which has the ability to grant wishes to anyone who gathers all seven of them.

The Dragon Balls were intended to be a thing of extraordinary magic and power, something to be revered, not for the ease of their method, but for the dream of never having to use them.
— “Until We Meet Again

Starting, Friday, September 17, we will hide the 7 Dragon Balls within the 62 Champaign Park District parks. As a community, we want you to gather them for a group photo. The 7 participants in the photo will receive a “wish” or a prize from the Champaign Park District as a reward for your efforts! You may only find one Dragon Ball each but can still work together to help your friends succeed as well.

Use word of mouth, social media, or the Gather The Dragon Balls, Champaign! Discord Server to make it happen!

Once the final picture has been taken, email the photo to rachel.voss@champaignparks.org with names and email addresses for all 7 participants. 

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