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Get Inspired–CU Special Recreation

CU Special Recreation has actively improved and touched the lives of participants at every turn. Read the inspirational stories of the impact CUSR has had on your community.

Thank you to all who supported CUSR by participating in the Cupcake 5K!



Ashley is one of a set of triplets who participate with CUSR and is legally blind. Ashley had a passion for running, and found her home at CUSR as a beginning runner. Frunner Running Club, a partner to CUSR, pairs a member with a CUSR participant and Ashley jumped on board to train with her partner for a 5K. In one season, Ashley was able to finish her very first timed 5K race, CUSR’s annual Cupcake 5K.


Ashley continued making connections and at 19, ran her first full marathon in Houston, and qualified for the Boston Marathon. Ashley has developed confidence and a healthy, competitive spirit through CUSR.


Madeline utilizes Inclusion Services through Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation to attend Art Camp and C-U Around Town programs in Urbana.  Inclusion Services aide Madeline to attend fun, exciting programs and receive the attention and care she needs to successfully stay on task. When Madeline was first assigned a one-on-one inclusion aide, she was a fiery ball of energy that could not slow down even if she wanted to.  Over the course of a couple years, she has matured and blossomed into a model of good behavior and leads as an example to the rest of her peers.



Miyani has attended our After School program for many years and has grown leaps and bounds since she first started. At after school, she learned the expectations quickly and became a very positive influence on our program. During the summer, she also joined FKO summer youth camp. She spent 9 wonderful weeks playing games, taking field trips, cooking, and doing all sorts of crafts. Her growth and participation in our programs landed her the Youth Participant of the Year award.


Miyani is known as kind and energetic. She will greet you through the door with a big smile and an even bigger HELLO! Staff are really working with Miyani to use her words more, and she is doing a wonderful job of accomplishing this goal. Staff get excited to work one to one with Miyani.

See the inspirational story that aided Miyani in CUSR programs HERE.


Parent Testimonial

We moved to Chicago area and moved back here 2 years ago.  It was so hard living up there with the limited child care and the cost was very pricey.  When I moved back here to Champaign, I knew he would go to CUSR summer camp because of the great experience he had when younger.  My son has done so wonderful in this camp. I can see his increased social skills, he’s willing to try new food, his melt downs have been decreased tremendously, and so much more.  He loves it here, he can’t wait to go back next summer.  Just having that peace of mind knowing my son is at a place he loves and I can work without worry about him and that he is in a place where he is growing and learning is such a blessing.  I can’t say enough great things about CUSR.  Thank you so much for all you do for my son.



Support people just like this by donating or participating in our Cupcake 5K fundraiser! Watch the video below to learn more, and be ready next fall for your chance to run. For more ways to support CUSR, click here.


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