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Hidden Gem: Summer Sports Camp

We’re offering a NEW opportunity for kids to learn and test out new sports in our Summer Youth Sports Camp. It’s the perfect chance for them to open their horizons and sample a huge selection of sports.

1. Dive into the Unknown.

Badminton, Spike Ball, Bocce—the new wave of sports is here, and we’re ready to help your kids explore it!

2. Back to the Basics.

While they test the waters of new sports, kids also have the chance to participate in traditional team sports and with a focus on basic fundamentals.

3. Put the Team in Teamwork.

Our focus each day and through each activity is teamwork. We’ll give kids the tools and models to be competitive while valuing sportsmanship. They’ll learn to be stronger together.

4. Welcome to the Mini-Games.

Each day, campers will build their teamwork in miniature games. They’ll learn the value of communication, perseverance, and commitment on and off the field.

5. Get to It!

After building up their skills, campers will figure out how to make them work on the field. Scrimmages will end each day so that kids can get the feel of each game.

Team sports make strong individuals. Get your kids started today.

Deadlines are approaching fast!

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