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Insider Experience with Jordan: Teen Summer Camps

A former teen camp participant, and current Marketing Department staffer through Unit 4’s YES Program, wanted to share his experience and encourage teens to make the most of their summer. See what he shared with us!

Hi, my name is Jordan. I would rather go to the Champaign Park District Teen Camp than stay at home. Read my four reasons why.

Weekly out-of-town trips.

We have been all over Illinois including Six Flags, a Chicago beach trip, zip-lining, Medieval Times, and so much more. We have been to so many places in one camp session it was unbelievable!

Avoid the couch potato summer.

We are always active with swimming, trips to the park, playing basketball, volleyball, and other sports, hiking, and fishing. We are always up doing something and we can never say we’re bored.

Learn new skills for the workforce.

I didn’t know by having fun and being in camp, I would learn so many things. We learned communication skills and how to talk to other people respectfully by practicing it to each other. During the summer, we even set up a candy store and car wash, where we were able to interact with the community.


Gain a support system.

The Champaign Park District employees are amazing individuals, if you need help with anything, there is always someone to help. With a smile on their face, our leaders are ready to answer questions and look for ways to support you.

This is an amazing camp that you will enjoy. I tell everyone that I know that this is an experience you will never regret. You’ll definitely discover a wonderful organization with the Champaign Park District


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