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Introducing the Artists of West Side Arts

West Side Arts on Saturday, September 17 at West Side Park in Champaign. time is 10a-5p.

On September 17 at West Side Park, the Champaign Park District and 40 North will join up to bring artists and art lovers together for a free juried art festival. Get to know the artists who will be showing their work at the inaugural West Side Arts!

Darin Doty


Description: “Acrylic paintings that typically incorporate found patterns, ranging from cartoonish tableaux to plein air landscape”. 

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Gregory Stallmeyer

Mixed Media

Description: “I work with steel, aluminum, resin, acrylic, found objects and any other media that inspires me”. 

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Fraya Replinger


Description: “I am a fine art photographer. I have framed images, images printed on aluminum, images printed on various paper types and images printed on canvas. I also have a collection of prints for sale that are mounted on matting board”. 

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Roberto Sabas


Description: Body of work to be displayed comprises giclée prints (framed) and output of other digital works that are a hybrid between natural media source material and digital enhancement. Also included are relief art prints (unframed) and paintings (framed). Most of the digital work has been previously exhibited at Illini Union Art Gallery, Common Ground Food Co-Op, Art Coop, Lincoln Square Mall, and other various venues. Subjects range from abstract to surreal to fantasy to representational.

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Ralph Roether

Drawing/Illustration/Mixed Media

Description: “Prints of drawings scanned into my computer and colorized in Adobe Illustrator. Printed on cards and canvas. A few mixed media pieces as well. Created from random, stream of conscious and specific doodles on bar napkins or sketchbook paper”.

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Barry Callahan

Mixed Media Painting

Description: “High contrast acrylic and mixed media paintings with an emphasis of thought process. Guided by synthesia– the process in which one hears color”.

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Visit Barry’s Website 

Steve Smith


Description: “I do woodworking of all kinds from small pens and keychains to large live edge conference tables and everything in between.

Some of my items include:
Cutting Boards, Charcuterie Boards, Bowls, Vases, Bottle Stoppers, Pens, Salt & Pepper Mills, Cremation Urns & Memorial Boxes and much more”. 

Carly Morrison


Description: “My concentration is functional, wheel thrown pottery. All of my work is made from stoneware and is food safe. My goal with my work is to provide people with comfortable ceramics they want to use”.

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Description: PIPAPO is simple yet delightful birch jewelry. Using both modern and traditional woodworking techniques, the tiny forms are carved out of birch wood and hand painted with great attention to detail. High pigmented color is used to create a delightful, harmonious composition.

“With every pair of PIPAPO, it is my goal to create a little treasure that makes you smile.” Anna Gutsch
All goods are designed + handmade in Champaign-Urbana by Johann and Anna, a husband and wife designer duo who embrace slow living, meaningful and quality workmanship – always with 4 eyes on sustainability and ethically made goods. At NORDEN German Design Studio, they create goods and experiences that bring meaningful depth into the otherwise mundane everyday with the goal to embrace and celebrate the moment. They mostly work with a purposeful selection of wood to create ‘Always Beautiful Flower Bouquets’ that celebrate the beauty of the garden and the Midwestern Prairie. Other NORDEN home goods are natural, life edge cutting and serve ware, wooden light sculptures and delicately carved wind catchers just to name a few examples. 

William Williston


Description: Handmade amulets, belt buckles, bolos, bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings with gems, leather or metal.

Sara Jahn

Description: “I primarily paint traditional and academic still life, usually with a dark subtext”.



Description: “I am a nature photographer and printmaker from right here in CU, and I sell framed and unframed signed fine art prints of my photos and block prints. I also sell notecards and themed notecard sets of my photos. My art focuses on discovering and teaching about the weird and wonderful surprises that can be found in our local natural areas when you look up close—moss, ferns, bugs, bones, mushrooms, woodland plants, cool rocks, tiny creatures, prairie wildflowers, and more—including sharing their names, why they grow that way, and where in the midwest they can be found.

By September I may have some hand-printed botanical bandanas ready for sale that I am illustrating and prototyping now that tie in with the subjects in my photos, such as milkweed!”

Howard Schein


Description: High Fire Porcelain Pottery. Functional, wheel thrown.

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Jenny Elkins


Description: Bright, colorful, whimsical acrylic paintings. 

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Gaye Grant


Description: Textile and mixed media fiber art – vessels, wall art, art to wear cuffs with layers of hand painted, upcycled, vintage and batik cloth, paper, free stitch/embroidery, hand stitch and various embellishments.

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Christopher Hendricksen


Description: “I love being out in nature and taking the opportunity to photograph the beautiful scenery and wildlife I encounter. I also spend a lot of time at Allerton and have many photos of the grounds and gardens there. I sell photo prints in various sizes as well as greeting cards”.

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Allie Thompson


Description: “I make mid/small sized stained glass pieces that are mostly abstract along with some fun things like turtles, dinosaurs and corn”.

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Cindy Sampson

Mixed Media

Description: 2D mixed media with hand made paper/acrylic paint and pencil

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