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Jimmy John Liautaud: We are happy to help the park district help more kids

Jimmy John’s donates to the Champaign Parks Foundation

The Champaign Parks Foundation is happy to announce that Jimmy John’s will be making a donation to help provide kids in the Champaign area with access to park programs. The popular sandwich chain is donating $125,000 to the Foundation that will go towards supporting the Youth Scholarship Program. The Youth Scholarship program helps waive enrollment fees for park district programs for families who may not be able to enroll their children due to cost. Access to these park programs will help hundreds of Champaign children take part in summer camps, swimming lessons, recreational sports teams, and more.

“The Champaign Park District does a spectacular job giving the youth of Champaign opportunities to improve their physical health, introduce them to the arts, and help them build social relationships and self-confidence,” Jimmy John’s owner and founder Jimmy John Liautaud said. “We are happy to help the park district help more kids.”

Jimmy John’s donation will help support the Youth Scholarship Program and Champaign families for the next five years. With limited funding, corporate donations like those from Jimmy John’s are very important in helping families gain access to all the park system has to offer. Each year, more than 400 families rely on the Youth Scholarship Program to enroll their children in summer, weekend and after-school activities. The need for assistance through the scholarship program continues to grow each year.

Jimmy John’s is one of the fastest growing franchise companies in the U.S. and has expanded to more than 2,500 locations since it was founded in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautaud. The company regularly gives back to the community, working with nonprofits including the Folds of Honor Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Francis Nelson SmileHealthy dental center, and the Champaign YMCA Wellness Center. Liautaud is also personally dedicated to giving back to the community. Earlier this year, Liautaud donated to the development of the recreational Kickapoo Rail Trail in Eastern Illinois. He also pledged $1 million to support mentoring programs in the City of Chicago as part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to reduce violent crime in the city.

For more information:

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●       JimmyJohnLiautaud.com

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