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“Legacy” Dance Performance Shout Outs!

Congratulations to all the dancers participating in Legacy: Dancing Through the Decades. Read through these words of encouragement before hitting the stage for your big performance!


“In my first year at the Dance Arts Conservatory, I have been inspired by the passion and drive our students continue to bring the performance process. Their encouragement of one another and enthusiasm about trying new things has been touching to watch. I am proud of their progress throughout the year and am beyond excited for everyone to witness their growthI encourage you all to show them some love and come celebrate the Dance Arts Legacy with us”.Haley Gillespie, Dance Arts Supervisor


Ankita Bhargava 

  • “Dear Anki, we are so proud of your graceful and joyful dancing. Have a fabulous performance!” – Meems and Papa 
  • “Dear Anki, you are so talented, and we are very proud of you! Don’t stop reaching for the stars! Lots of love and kisses.” – Nana, Nani, Dadi, Babaji 

Isabella Shodunke 

  • “Oh Bella, the joy we see in your eyes when you dance makes it worth it. Keep tapping to your own rhythm. We are so proud of you! Remember, “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!” – Constant Mozart” – Mom and Dad 
  • “To our Granddaughter, keep shining and keep making us proud! Dancing runs in our bloodline, we all love to move and dance.” – Mary Adesope, Florence and Musa Shodunke 

Jannah Elmaghraby 

  • “They are amazing, welcoming, and so much joy. Thank you for the great experience.” – Ghada Abdalla 

Neha Bhargava 

  • “Dear Neha, we see how happy you are when you dance! We are so excited and so proud to watch your performance!” – Meems and Papa 
  • “Dear Neha, congratulations! Keep dancing, keep shining! We can’t wait to see your dance video! Lots of love and kisses.” – Nana, Nani, Dadi, Babaji 

Rosalie Miller 

  • “We are so proud of your hard work. Keep on dancing!” – Mom, Grandma, Aunt Dawn, and Blaise 

Sarah Bradley 

  • “Thank you so much for keeping me informed about our dance while I was away. I appreciate you so much” Jenny Kwak 

Samiyyah Gordon 

  • “Samiyyah, congratulations on your upcoming tap-dancing performance. We are so very proud of you.” – Nana and Grandpa 
  • “Great job Samiyyah! We are so proud of you!” – Christi From Mississippi 

Vayta Kennedy 

  • “We love you Vayta, our beautiful ballerina with a beautiful heart. You make us proud everyday with who you are, and we’re excited to see you progress and succeed in life.” – Nana, Granddad, Aunt B, Daddy, Jamya, Whitney, Lillana, Aidan, Colton, and Hadley 

Zoe Lindgren 

  • “Looking forward to watching you dance on stage this spring! We love you!” – Mom and Dad 
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