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Martens Center at Human Kinetics Park

MAKE CHANGE HAPPENAnd imagine a place to experience life-changing opportunities.



This state-of-the-art, multipurpose facility, owned and operated by the Champaign Park District, will provide a destination where people of all ages can gather and experience life-changing opportunities. Martens Center will be located in the currently existing Human Kinetics Park, 1501 N Market Street.

The focus will be on inspiring neighbors and partners to improve their quality of life by delivering programs and providing tools that affect change. Exercise and nutrition classes, English as a second language, and business courses are just a few of the program areas that will be offered.

In addition, a variety of partnerships will be utilized to provide even more opportunities to meet, play, and learn. Donate today and add your name to the success of this vision.



Gymnasium, Walking/Running Track, Kitchen/Café, Fitness Center, Stage, Multipurpose Rooms, Safe Room for Storms


Health and Wellness, Personal Finance, Language Education, Tutoring


Multipurpose Field, Soccer Field, Community Gardens, Walking Path

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Make Change Happen

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