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Quick Facts: 2 NEW Sculptures!

We love sharing art in our parks! Our partnership with Public Art League has brought new vibrancy to the community and we are so grateful. We have many beloved, long-time sculptures throughout Champaign and later this month, we’re installing 2 new pieces! Read on below to learn about some of our favorites.

Coming Soon

“Loop” Jim Weitzel

  • Installation along the lake at Mattis Park will take place on October 12.
  • Elements of the lakefront will bring out the unique movement and colors in the sculpture.
  • This piece is being sponsored by Barham Benefit Group, a longtime supporter of the Public Art League and replacing the previously installed “Ice” sculpture.

“Startled” TimothySommerville

  • Emerging from the back of Scott Park, this sculpture will sit on a flat, low boulder.
  • This piece displays local talent from this artist in St Joseph.
  • Materials and style are related to the artist’s other works in downtown Urbana.
  • In the same fashion as those in Urbana, “Startled” will obtain a patina of rust over time.




Just In

“Affirmation Station” Timothy C. Flood

Douglass Park




Long Term Relationships

“Prayer for Rain” Edward Kemmeys

West Side Park

“Hole in my Heart” Benjamin Pierce (pictured below on left)

Hessel Park

“Shield of Chichen Izta” James K. Johnson (pictured below on right)

Morrissey Park

“Stanchion” Dan Perry

Hazel Park

Want to see more sculptures?

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