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Open Gym at the Park District

Whether it’s basketball, volleyball, or pickleball, Open Gym is the perfect time to get moving! Here are some important Open Gym information for the Leonhard Recreation Center and the Martens Center. 

Martens Center



In honor of our grand opening in 2022, we’re offering special membership rates for the first year. Click below to view rates and register online today!

Monthly & Annual memberships provides access to:

  • Open Gym
  • Indoor Track
  • Wellness Center
  • Indoor Playground
  • Joe DeLuce Innovation Center


Open gym is for members and non-members. Non-members may pay daily rate of $3/$5 (R/NR). There are designated open gym times for youth, families and adults.

All members and day pass holders who are in middle school, and older, may participate in open gym without adult supervision but are REQUIRED to provide a current school ID, license, or state ID to participate.

All children in elementary school and younger are REQUIRED to be supervised by an adult and the adult must provide ID. 

Open gym requires a second pair of shoes. Patrons are encourages to bring their own equipment, but some equipment may be available to borrow with a photo ID or your membership key fob.


*Beginning February 1, 2023

Youth/Family Gym TimeN/A2-5pN/A2-5pN/AN/A12p-1:30p
Adult Open Gym10a-2p/6-7:30p6-7:30p10a-2p/6-7:30p6-7:30p10a-2p/6-7:30p10a-1pN/A

Leonhard Recreation Center


Monthly & Annual Memberships Includes:

  • Indoor Track access during all open hours
  • Weight/Cardio Room access during all open hours
  • Indoor Playground access during all open hours
  • Gymnasium access for basketball, pickleball and volleyball during designated open gym hours

Day Pass (R/NR): $6/$9


Open gym hours will be posted every other week. Please check the open gym schedule for designated Basketball, Pickleball, Volleyball, and Badminton times. Open gym requires a second pair of shoes. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own equipment, but a limited number of basketballs and other equipment is available by request.

  1. All non-member day pass participants must create a park district household account (if they do not already have one) by filling out a Day Pass Form. The account must be created by an adult/parent/guardian on their first visit. All day pass participants must have a valid photo ID except children supervised by parents.
  2. Open gym participants 11-17 years old in middle school or high school may participate without parental supervision, but they must provide a current school or state ID. IDs will be returned upon departure.
  3. Elementary school children and younger must be supervised by a parent to participate in open gym.


Pickleball is available to members and day pass participants during designated pickleball hours. Please check the open gym schedule for availability. Members are encouraged to bring their own paddles and balls, but a limited number of paddles are available by request. If any participants are elementary school aged or younger an adult 18 or older must be present.

Use the link below to stay updated on LRC Open Gym Schedule

Douglass Community Center


Adult Open Gym (18+): Saturday & Sunday, 10am-1pm, $2/$3 (R/NR) per visit.

Open gym will be cancelled due to holidays and CPD programs. Please call ahead of time at (217) 398-2576. ID required.

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