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Outdoor Tennis Court Winter Schedule

We’re preparing our outdoor tennis courts for winter weather beginning Wednesday, December 1! Winter closures and removals are necessary for a couple reasons:

  • Safety: Court surfaces are very different in the winter.  Frost and ice and dirt and debris can accumulate making play dangerous.  We look at which courts may not dry out as easily and plan accordingly.   
  • Longevity of court surface and nets: Playing on courts in winter is hard on surfaces.  Mechanically removing snow (shovel, plow, etc.) significantly damages the surface and doing so may result in fines to the person that removes snow.  Although some in the industry say that leaving nets out during the winter only take about a year off of the lifespan, that has not been our experience here in central Illinois.

If you are looking for an indoor space to play tennis, please visit our Dodds Tennis Center page for more information.

Here is our Outdoor Tennis Court Winter Schedule:

  • Lindsay Tennis Center: The south four courts will be closed to play and nets removed. 
  • Morrissey Park:  Two nets will be removed.
  • Spalding Park:  At least two nets will be removed. 
  • Clark Park:  Both nets will stay.
  • Sunset Ridge Park:  Net will stay.  Windscreen will be removed.
  • Eisner Park:  Net will stay.
  • Hessel Park:  All nets will stay.


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