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Outdoor Tennis & Pickleball Courts Are Back!

Outdoor tennis court surrounded by giant pine trees.

Spring is here which means outdoor tennis & pickleball courts are back throughout the district! Here is some information you may find helpful when deciding where to play!

  • Spalding Park tennis courts have been power washed for safer play and has two pickleball overlays over the four courts.
  • Hessel Park has one stand alone pickleball court and two pickleball overlays on tennis courts.
  • Eisner Park has a turf surface that some people prefer.
  • Lindsay Tennis Center is all tennis courts! A little operations birdy told us that surface power washing is being planned for the future.
  • Clark Park has two pickleball overlays on its tennis courts.
  • Sunset Ridge Park tennis court also has a pickleball overlay.
  • Morrissey Park has two pickleball overlays on their four tennis courts.

Want more Tennis information? Please visit our Tennis Programs page!


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