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Outdoor Tennis & Pickleball Open Longer This Year!

To help our community stay active, we have decided to keep our Tennis & Pickleball courts open longer this year! Please review the winterization plan for the following outdoor courts:

  • Clark Park | One net down after Thanksgiving, one net to stay up during winter.
  • Sunset Ridge | Net will stay up through winter.  Wind break down after Thanksgiving.
  • Lindsay Tennis Center-Centennial Park | Total of four nets up through winter.  Four nets down after Thanksgiving.  Wind break down after Thanksgiving.
  • Spalding Park |  All four nets down next week Nov. 1 (due to additional maintenance required)
  • Morrissey Park |  All four nets down after Thanksgiving, unless snow occurs (to allow for hardening of new surface).
  • Eisner Park | Net down Nov. 1.
  • Hessel Park | Two tennis and one pickleball net up over winter.  Rest of nets down after Thanksgiving.

If you’re interested playing during the colder months, check out Dodds Tennis Center & Leonhard Recreation Center for indoor tennis & pickleball! Click the following images to visit the websites for more information.

Click to visit Dodds Tennis Center website. Front of Dodds Tennis Center. New wooden sign centered with facility in background.Click to visit Leonhard Recreation Center Website. Reserve your time slot today! Weight Room, Badminton, Pickleball, Walking Track.

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