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Park Planning 101 with Jordan + Hessel Park Renovations!

Current Marketing Department staffer, through Unit 4’s YES Program, wanted to share what he learned from our Park Planners. Read on to see how our Park Planners work! 


Have you ever thought about where we get our park ideas?

Here at the Champaign Park District, we get our park ideas from all over. We start off by getting our community’s input. We go around to different playground users to get their ideas on what features they would like to see. After we have gathered ideas from our community, we start planning.

We search all around the world for examples of parks that have similar features. We use the input and design ideas to create our own design for the park, playground, or facility. The plan is then brought to the Board of Commissioners for input and approval. Once the board approves, the park goes into construction!

After construction is complete, we get to do a grand opening and it’s time for you to have fun and play on.

What’s happening at Hessel?

One example of a big project our planning department has taken on is Hessel Park. Our planning team have redesigned the park and will be adding some new features. Completed so far is the new playground.

The next phase of the project will be adding a new splash pad and bathrooms. The new splash pad will be taking the spot of the old playground and sand pit, which caused some drainage problems with the previous splash pad.

Construction will start August 21 and should be completed by November 30. We look forward to hosting the Grand Opening in May 2018!

Wondering more about what our Park Planners are up to? Contact Andrew.Weiss@champaignparks.com

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