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Everette Memorial Rock Garden

900 S. McKinley Ave.

Bound by S. McKinley Ave., W. Daniel St., & W. Charles St.

This memorial in Clark Park, commemorates the “undying love for the great outdoors” of Debbie Lynn Everette (June 4, 1959 – May 19, 1988). Hefty stones from places of special fondness to her are symbolized here through the display of six large boulders collected from mountainous regions around the country.

Over time, the plants will die, the timber walls-will deteriorate, the pavement will crack. Maintenance will keep them up, but atrophy is relentless. Sooner or later the exhibit will wither. But the boulders/ the real heart of the memorial, will not. Too heavy to be easily stolen too unique to be thoughtlessly disposed of, those same boulders brought to the park now through this memorial stand a good chance of existing in the park, for all practical purposes, forever.


  • Designed in 1988 and completed in 1990 when the memorial plaque was added to the rock display.
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