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Past Exhibits

Past Exhibits

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November 1-29: Living Reflections
Jessica Lewis Watson
Jamie Kotewa
September 29 – November 12: Mirror Images
Christiana Hinders
Regina Hinders

June 27 – July 15: Ceramics Faculty Show
Lindsey Fields
Amy Lemrick Riha
Shawn Fairchild

April 28 – May 23: Journey Through Texture
Jennifer Bryant
Kathy Bryant
Rosalind Faiman Weinberg
March 10 – April 11: Color of Cultures
Siti Mariah Jackson-Sullivan (Malaysia)
Hua Nian (China)
Lei Zhang Shanbhag (China)
Mei Ling Johnston (China)
Nydia Mercado (Puerto Rico)
Nilsa Almenas (Puerto Rico)
Sujata Dey-Koontz (India)
Rashmi Kapoor (India)
Kuldeepa Mehta (India)
Umeeta Sadarangani (India)
Lena Choe (Korea)
Jan 20 – Feb 21: Textural Considerations
Charles Wissman
Deborrah Pagel
Kristi Lynn Kern
Dec 2, ’09- Jan 3: Beyond Common
Alberto Aguilar
Michael Fuerst
Ryan Gray

Oct 21 – Nov 15: First Light
Curt Carter
Michael Zachay
September 2 – 26: A Bit of Truth
Charlotte Nesmith Brady
Margaret DeCardy
July 29-August 23: A Sense of Place
Siti Mariah Sullivan
Sylvia Arnstein
Betty Lusk Hughes
June 10-July 5: Rooted
Sharon Davie-Barrett, painting
Suzanne Berkes, sculpture
Danielle Arakelian, photography
May 6-31: Evolving
Kristi Rae Wilson, narratives
Phyllis Rash Hughes, mixed media
April 1-26: Somewhere in the Middle
Jodi Bowen Birdwell. painting/mixed media
Constance DeMuth Berg, Sculpture
Larry Steinbauer, Mixed Media
Feb 25 – Mar 22: The Space Between
Hugh Bridgeford – Ceramics
Stacey Gross – Photography
Lyle Salmi – Painting
Jan 21 – Feb 15: Specters
Brandice Guerra
Faith Heller
Ted Gournelos

•Dec 5, 2008- Jan 4, 2009: Discernment
Michael Collins, sculpture/metals
Gina Manola, sculpture
Gabriel Mejia, drawing/painting
Oct 15 – Nov 9: The East Meets The West
A comparative needle art exhibition selected from Ian Wang’s art collection
August 1- August 24: The Group D-zero 17
Cindy Carlson
Chip Burkhardt
Mike Coles
Margaret DeCardy
Barbara England
James Gallagher
Barb Johanek
Judy Jones
Melissa Lynch
Ann McDowell
Anu Murphy
Robin Riggs
Ann F. Rund
Barbara Ryan
Martha Seif
Barbara Strauss
Gayle Tilford
Lyle Trumble
Carroll Valli
Brenda Vogen
Melinda P. Wilcox
June 11 – July 6: Primary Colors
Champaign Unit 4 grades K-5
May 7 – June 1: Unnatural Shift
Amy Richardson, Painting
Judy K. Dethmers, Drawing/Painting
Kyle Bauer, Sculpture
April 2 – April 27: Corporeal Arbor
Melissa Keiser, Painting
Raymond Yeager, Painting
Miriam Martincic, Sculpture
March 7 – April 27: A Forked Tongue and Two Hearts (Virginia Theatre)
Elzie Sexton
February 29 – March 23: The Red Trio
Red Clay Pottery, Red Soil and Red Tea Painting by artists of the Yunnan Province of China. Guest Curator: Ian Wang
Ian Wang
Hong Shi
Jiang De Fang
Ma Chen Lin
Chen Shao Kang
January 25-February 17: Powerful Useless
Sven, painting
Jacob Foran, ceramic sculpture
Brian J. Sullivan, painting

December 14, 2007-February 11, 2008: Ordinary Landscape (Virginia Theatre)
Suzanne Keith Loechl
December 7: Prior to Plastic
Sally Bliss Nolan, drawing
Jacqueline Taylor, painting
Rachel Suntop, textiles
October 19
Victor Cortez, Video
Christopher Schneberger, photography

September 8
Nam Clark, painting & drawing
Aaron Hughes, drawing & video
David Rowe, ceramic sculpture
May 12
Amber K. Stivers- Anders, painting
Faith Heller, mixed media
Sheri Stinson, mixed media sculpture
April 7
Amanda Cook, painting
Siti Mariah Jackson, watercolor
Susan Livingston, ceramic sculpture
March 3
John Chichon, mixed media
S.J. Hart, painting/mixed media
John P. Sherrod, mixed media
January 27
Sharon Zimmerman, painting
Lisa Billman, photography
Amber Ginsburg, 3D

December 9: The Other Side
Hua Nian, painting
Craig Newsom, shadow boxes
Sandra Talbott, 3D
October 21: Terrains Perceived
Hsiao-Te Tseng, painting
Nisa Blackmon, UIUC Metals
Roquin Gervot, UIUC Metals
K. Dana Kagrise, UIUC Metals
Kyung Sook Kim, UIUC Metals
Sun Kyoung Kim, UIUC Metals
Sungyeoul Lee, UIUC Metals
Masako Onodera, UIUC Metals
Nathalya Pinchuk, UIUC Metals
Gary Jo Schott, UIUC Metals
Billie Jean Theide, UIUC Metals
September 9: The New Icon
Ebertilen A. Paulino, painting
Judy Seyb, painting
Chad Stangl, sculpture
August 5: Drawing on Nature
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators
July 1: Caution Wet Paint
Unit 4 Junior High and High School
May 11: Out of Site
Ann McDowell , painting
Josh Ipple , mixed media
Geoff Bant , ceramics
Linda Dumich , ceramics
Linda Weiner , ceramics
Sara Redd , ceramics
April 15: The Space Between
Shannon Batman, painting
Lei Shanbhag, painting
Teresa Gale, video
March 4: Place and Out of Place
Rex Clark, photography
Tirzah Rose, photography
David Nolan, sculpture
January 28: Out and Away
Hua Nian, painting
Jacqueline Elliot, painting
Katherine Bartel, installation

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