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Perfect Date Night with Picnic Parks, Virtual Friday Night Flix, and Virginia Theatre

Friday, July 17 is turning out to be a perfect date night in C-U! Whether you’re dating someone or dating yourself, treat your love to a fun in-home movie theatre experience this Friday, July 17! With the Downtown Champaign Picnic Parks, Virtual Friday Night Flix, Virtual Virginia, & Virginia Theatre Curbside Concessions, your date is sure to be excellent!

Here’s how you can have a Perfect Date Night with Downtown Champaign Picnic Parks, Virtual Friday Night Flix and Virginia Theatre:

Downtown Champaign Park District Picnic Parks

 The City of Champaign and the Champaign Park District have partnered to provide three Picnic Parks in Downtown where anyone can grab carryout from local restaurants and have their own picnic! 

The three Picnic Parks are located at:

1. Chester Street just east of Walnut

2. Park Avenue just west of Neil

3. North end of the One Main Plaza in the parking lot where the Farmer’s Market is held


Virtual Friday Night Flix: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Our park screening of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure at Turnberry Ridge Park may be cancelled.. but we still want to be EXCELLENT to each other! SO – stream it, pop in the DVD, or be kind and rewind that VHS to make your date night excellent!

In addition to this virtual watch party, we’ll be compiling some fun activities like trivia and crafts to really feel like we’re in this together. Follow along on this event page for more info on that to come!


Virtual Virginia

Don’t own the film or worse….own the wrong adventure?…It’s not bogus because Virginia Theatre has you covered! Virtual Virginia is an online movie rental program set up by the VT. They have added Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to their selections for this week to make it easier for you to join the fun! 


Virginia Theatre Curbside Concessions


Round out your home movie theatre experience with Curbside Concessions at Virginia Theatre on Friday & Saturday evenings throughout the summer! Order your snacks & fresh-made movie theatre popcorn and have them brought out to by our staff following proper social distancing procedures. 


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