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Adult Softball

Adult Softball Leagues | Ages 15+

Ages 15+
Here’s your chance to get in on the summer softball action early! We offer a variety of leagues that will fit your skill level, including Co-Rec, Women’s, and Men’s Leagues.
Player Eligibility: Players must be 15 years of age by April 1 to play. Players may only be listed on
one roster per league.
Registration Guidelines: At the time of registration, an application and all fees are due. No registrations will be accepted without full payment! Completed rosters with names, addresses, phone numbers, and signatures will be due the first day of games.
  • Women’s 4/28-8/11 | Th | 6-10p | 8 teams | $541
  • Co-Rec SH | 4/24-8/14* | Su | 6-10p | 24 teams | $541
  • Co-Rec SH | 4/28-8/11 | Th | 6-10p | 24 teams | $541
  • Men’s SH | 4/25-8/15* | M | 6-10p |16 teams | $541
  • Men’s Rec DH | 4/27-8/10 | W | 6-10p | 20 teams | $841
  • Men’s Com. DH | 4/27-8/10 | W | 6-10p | 8 teams | $841
  • Church SH Men’s – Comp. | M | 4/25-8/15* | 6-10p | 8 teams | $541
  • Church SH Men’s – Rec | 4/25-8/15* | M |6-10p 22 | teams | $541
  • Church SH Co-Rec | 4/25-8/15*| M | 6-10p | 10 teams | $541 
No Games: 5/29, 5/30, 6/19, 6/20, 7/3, 7/4*
Season Length: 10 weeks + a Tournament
Location: Dodds 4-Plex
Deadline: 3/29

Late Registration: A team that wishes to register after the deadline may do so, provided:

  • The league maximum has not been exceeded
  • Schedules have not been made
  • $25 late fee is paid at the time of registration

Mandatory Manager’s Meeting: 4/14 at 6pm
Questions: justice.miller@champaignparks.org or 217-819-3984



Schedules & Standings

Champaign Park District Adult Softball League schedules and standings can now be found at quickscores.

Places to Play Pick-up Games

The Champaign Park District maintains ballfields in many area parks. Please visit our Parks page and search the park features for “ballfields” to find a field near you! Note: the Dodds Softball Complex is open for programming or by reservation only – there are no “open play” times at Dodds. For more information about neighborhood ballfields or for Dodds Softball Complex reservations, please email justice.miller@champaignparks.org or call 217.819.3984.

Sports Field Rentals

For more information on our Sports Field Rentals, please visit our rental information page.

Additional softball leagues, tournaments, and programs may be started at any time.  Be sure you check out the current Program Guide to find any programs not listed below.

Forms & Resources



  • Self-assessments and roster sign in for health screenings
  • Face coverings should be worn at all times when 6’ of social distancing cannot be maintained-unless on the field during a game
  • Group sizes are limited to 50 participants or fewer, and 30-ft of distancing must be maintained between groups
  • Participants must wash hands before arrival or bring and use their own hand sanitizer
  • Minimize sharing of high-touch equipment and if shared staff will sanitize equipment after each session
  • Place personal items 6’ from other player’s items to avoid any contact
  • Staggered activity start and end times to minimize contact between teams or groups
  • No team/group meetings and no “high fives”, fist bumps, or handshakes
  • No drinking fountains available (encourage water to be supplied by individual participant)
  • Discourage participants and families from congregating before, during, and after practice.


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