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Adult Volleyball

Drop-In Open Gym Volleyball

The Leonhard Recreation Center offers drop-in open gym volleyball year-round at various times during the week and on weekends.  Please visit the Leonhard webpage for schedules and other details or call 217-398-2550.

Additional volleyball leagues, tournaments, and programs may be started at any time.  Be sure you check out the current Program Guide to find any programs not listed below.

Adult Volleyball Leagues

Ages 15+

Spring & Fall: Leonhard Adult Volleyball (men, women, and co-rec)
We offer Men’s, Women’s, and co-rec spring and fall volleyball leagues to fit all skill levels.  Each season runs 10 matches plus a final single elimination tournament.  All games are played at the Leonhard Recreation Center.  The season starts with a mandatory manager’s meeting.  For more information or to register, please visit the Program Guide.

Don’t have a team?  No problem! We also maintain a Free Agent List.  To get on the list, or for any other volleyball league questions: Matt Silver or 217-398-2550.

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