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Heartsaver First Aid, CPR/AED Classes by Vital Education & Supply Inc.

Ages 9+
The course covers topics ranging from heart attacks and strokes to animal bites and allergic reactions. Also covered is CPR for the adult, child, and infant victim and AED use. A CPR certification card will be given after successful completion of class. In order to receive a refund, cancellation requests must be submitted at least two days prior to the class date.

Location: Springer Cultural Center
Fee (R/NR): $75/$112.50
Questions: sean.hurst@champaignparks.org or 217-819-3901


Central Illinois Esports Leagues

Ages 10-14 & 14-18
The Central Illinois Esports League is an Esports program run by Normal Parks and Recreation, Champaign Park District, and Decatur Park District. The goal of the program is to provide Esports Leagues and Tournaments that allow players from surrounding communities to compete in popular game titles in a safe and encouraging environment.

All players will be placed in the appropriate age division and will be required to agree to the League’s Code of Conduct prior to participation. Program Benefits include, improved hand-eye coordination, improved attention & visual acuity, improved basic visual processing and executive function, problem solving & strategy skill development, boosts self-confidence and player socialization and participants can better connect with friends, especially during COVID-19.

Fee (R/NR): $15/$15
Location: Virtual
Max: 15
Questions: sean.hurst@champaignparks.org or 217-819-3901


Downloads & Resources

The Baby Bunch

Oh Baby! Have we got some classes for you! The Baby Bunch. Wednesdays 9:30a-11a. Click to register

Ages 18+
Mothers bring your newborn and join this social network. Interact with other new moms and share your joys, concerns, and struggles this new change in life presents. Our instructor will guide you and provide topics of discussion. Feel comfortable in this supportive atmosphere and discover new friendships.

PLEASE NOTE: Masks must be worn at all times while in the building, including during classes. When registrants attend, they agree to our self-assessment signage and COVID-19 guidelines.

Instructor: Datia Rosenberg, Prenatal Educator & Birth Doula
Questions: sean.hurst@champaignparks.org or 217-819-3901



I Speak Spanish! – Spanish For Kids | Virtual | NEW!

Ages 3-6

Did you know that young children learn language naturally and much more easily than older children and adults? Introduce your child to the Spanish language in this Spanish immersion class developed especially for very young learners. Children will be immersed in the Spanish language through fun and educational activities and music included. Each session introduces new vocabulary and covers a different topic. Participants do not have to participant in all classes.

Instructor: Language in Action, Inc.
Questions: katherine.hicks@champaignparks.org or 217-398-2573




Youth Spanish | Virtual | NEW!

Ages 7-11
Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to introduce your child to the Spanish language! In this exciting class children will learn conversational Spanish, as well as some grammar and phonetics, through fun and educational activities. Each session introduces new vocabulary and covers a different topic. Participants do not have to participant in all classes.

Instructor: Language in Action, Inc.
Questions: katherine.hicks@champaignparks.org or 217-398-2573



SAT Practice Test Exams

11th-12th Graders
Take practice SAT tests without it counting towards college admissions! Students will learn how to beat the SAT college entrance exam while practicing reading, writing, and math to uncover weaknesses and boost overall test performance each week of the course. This virtual 9-week course enables students to take two full-length timed SAT practice tests, complete hundreds of practice questions along with seven strategy sessions, all guaranteed to boost their SAT score. Students will know each week exactly which concepts need improvement, get personalized direction, and will avoid wasting precious study time, energy and mental frustration.

Questions: melanie.kahler@champaignparks.org or 217-819-3919



The Wonderful World of Babysitting

Ages 11-15
Become the babysitter that kids beg their parents to have! This class will teach you the basics and give you the confidence to successfully take on any babysitting job. You will be trained by certified staff on skills to become a safe, fun, and nurturing sitter. Our program features basic first aid, safety, age- appropriate games, and discipline techniques.

The Champaign Park District is an accredited program site through Safe Sitter®, the only national, nonprofit organization exclusively devoted to baby-sitting. You must attend all sessions in order to complete the course and to be certified by Safe Sitter®.

Questions: michelle.horvat@champaignparks.org or 217-398-2376



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