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Scholarship Information

Because some residents are unable to participate in recreation programs due to economic hardship, the Champaign Park District offers scholarships to reduce certain fees and charges. Youth Scholarship Program applicants are not guaranteed fund availability, program registration or choice of program location. Early applications are given priority. Need is the primary criterion upon which scholarship applicants are considered. Questions: 217-398-2550.

Visit our Scholarship Opportunities page for the updated Scholarship Applications!

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National Tennis Rating Program Guidelines

Need help choosing a tennis program to participate in? See National Tennis Rating Program Guidelines:

  • 1.0 This player is just starting tennis.
  • 1.5 This player has limited playing experience and is still working primarily on getting the ball over the net, has some knowledge of scoring but is not familiar with basic positions and procedures for singles and doubles play.
  • 2.0 This player may have had some lessons but needs on-court experience, has obvious stroke weaknesses, but is beginning to feel comfortable with singles and doubles play.
  • 2.5 This player has more dependable strokes and is learning to judge where the ball is going, has weak court coverage or is often caught out of position, but is starting to keep the ball in play with other players of the same ability.
  • 3.0 This player can place shots with moderate success, can sustain a rally of slow pace but is not comfortable with all strokes, lacks control when trying for power.
  • 3.5 This player has achieved stroke dependability and direction on shots within reach, including forehand and backhand volleys, but still lacks depth and variety, seldom double faults and occasionally forces errors on the serve.
  • 4.0 This player has dependable strokes on both forehand and backhand sides, has the ability to use a variety of shots including lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys, can place the first serve and force some errors, is seldom out of position in a doubles game.
  • 4.5 This player has begun to master use of power and spins, has sound footwork, can control depth of shots and is able to move opponent up and back, can hit first serves with power and accuracy and place the second serve, is able to rush net with some success on serve in singles as well as doubles.
  • 5.0 This player has good shot anticipation, frequently has an outstanding shot or exceptional consistency around which a game may be structured, can regularly hit winners or force errors off short balls, can successfully execute lobs, drop shots, half volleys and overhead smashes, has good depth and spin on most second serves.
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