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Summer Tennis Singles Leagues

Summer Tennis Singles Leagues. Lindsay Tennis Courts in Centennial Park. Colsultation with the head pro is required before registering. Please email yuri.sohn@champaignparks.org

Location: Lindsay Tennis Courts
Time: 7-9pm, except for the Sunday league, which is 4-6pm. (Make up times are possible)

PLEASE NOTE: These are progressive leagues. This means if you win a league session you move up to the next level. If you finish last, you move down to the next league. To participate in the appropriate league, players need approval from the Head Pro. Please e-mail Yuri Sohn at yuri.sohn@champaignparks.org

Sunday Singles League

  • Session 1: May 17-June 28
  • Session 2: July 5-August 16


Bronze Singles League played on Tuesdays

  • Session 1: May 19-June 30
  • Session 2: July 7-August 18


Shumaker Silver Singles League played on Mondays

  • Session 1: May 18-June 29
  • Session 2: July 6-August 17


Gold Singles League played on Wednesdays

  • Session 1: May 20-July 1
  • Session 2: July 8-August 19


Platinum Singles League played on Thursdays

  • Session 1: May 21-July 2
  • Session 2: July 9-August 20



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