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Support Our Athletes with these Sports Jobs

These jobs let you get out on the field and support our athletes! You can manage concessions, maintain the sites, and even officiate games. If you would like more information, please contact Human Resources at 217-819-3840 or personnel@champaignparks.org

To view all of the open positions at the Champaign Park District, click on the button below:

Sports Official

The Sports Official is responsible for officiating league games and tournaments at assigned youth and/or adult programs.

Seasonal Sports Field Worker

The Sports Field Worker is responsible for the general repair and maintenance of the Park Districts athletic fields

Sports Site Manager

The Sports Site Manager is responsible for the direct supervision of Park Districts sports complexes, sports programs and leagues, and operation of concessions at those facilities.

Sports Site Worker

The Sports Site Worker is responsible for the supervision of assigned district sports leagues, programs, and sports rentals.

CUSR Sports and Community Staff

The Community Support Staff in leading classes for people participating in CUSR programs. Duties include program implementation, supervision, and safety of CUSR participants, and equipment while working on therapeutic recreation programs, trips, and special events. Program Staff must demonstrate initiative, as well as the ability to receive delegations from Program Leaders. CUSR will invest in people who are leaders, are flexible, creative, organized, disciplined, takes ownership and pride in their work and is a team player. A variety of different programs and special events will be offered including, but not limited to, aquatics, bowling, fitness, sports, crafting, community outings, and social events.

Summer Hiring Center

Interested in a different hiring area? Head to our Summer Hiring Center page for more information!

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