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SYP at Leonhard

SYP at Leonhard keeps kids physically and mentally active. Children will make new friends, experience new things, and have an unforgettable summer of fun. Activities will be based around weekly themes while building self-esteem, developing interpersonal skills, and making lasting memories. Each child should bring a nut-free fully disposable lunch; no reusable dishware, except for refillable water bottles, will be allowed in the facility. Morning and afternoon snack will be provided by Champaign-Urbana Public Health District. COVID-19 guidelines will be enforced and followed.

Ages: 6-11
No program: 7/3*
Day: M-F
Time: 9am-3:30pm
Fee (Resident/Non-resident): $141/$191
Questions: shannon.walter@champaignparks.org or 217-819-3988

DateWeekly Themes
6/22-6/26Under the Sea
6/29-7/2Destination USA
7/6-7/10Adventure in AGsploration
7/13-7/17Mad Scientists
7/20-7/24World Traveler
7/27-7/31Caution: Artists At Work
8/3-8/7Aloha to Summer



Financial Assistance

Jimmy John’s Youth Scholarship

For families not living in the designated areas listed above, scholarships will be provided to offset the cost.  All scholarship documents and information need to be sent to Tom Gilbert at tom.gilbert@champaignparks.org.  After the scholarship is approved, you may register for the summer youth programs..

CPD & CUSR Scholarship Forms will be used by any applicant who wants financial help with programs occurring between May 1, 2020 through April 30, 2021.  Page 3 is for each child requesting assistance, so print multiple copies if needed:  

If a participant would like to apply for more programs than space allowed on the form, please use the following form for additional program(s):

Child Care Resource Services (CCRS)

Child Care Resource Service helps income-eligible parents who are working and/or going to school to pay for their child care. Eligibility is based on family size and parents’ income. Working families whose incomes are at or below 50% of the state median income level may be eligible. Processing the application can take up to 10 business days, once all the necessary information is received. Please pick up an application form from CCRS. CCRS approved families may register for summer youth programs by paying a $10 deposit per child/per session of the program. These deposits may be refunded at the end of the summer once all CCRS checks are received and there is a credit balance. If money is still owed on your account once CCRS checks have been applied, you will be responsible for the rest of the bill. Because the Park District does not receive payment from CCRS until one month after the service was provided, your deposit could be refunded as late as October.

Please Note: Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation is unable to accept CCRS payment due to changes in governmental regulations.

Questions: Child Care Resource Service (http://ccrs.illinois.edu/), 217-333-3252 or 1-800-325-5516

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