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Top 5 Parks to Fly a Kite in Champaign!

Flying a kite is the perfect social distancing activity! You must maintain distance to successfully get your kite to soar. Let’s go fly a kite at our Top 5 Parks to Fly a Kite in Champaign!

1. Dodds Park >> 


Dodds Park stretches out a whopping 104 acres of good green space! This northwest Champaign favorite is full of kite flying potential.




2. Sunset Ridge Park >>

Sunset Ridge Park has 19.4 acres of pure kite flying gold! While your kite is flying high, you’ll have the restored prairie area to enjoy.


3. Commissioners Park >>

Commissioners Park has PLENTY of open space to use to fly a kite. One of our newest parks in Champaign provides 20 acres of clear skies for your kites to take flight!


4. Centennial Park >>


One can make a fun afternoon out of going to Centennial Park! Flying kites, finding a shady spot for a picnic, and walk around the 69.9 acre park sounds like an amazing time.


5. Johnston Park >>

Johnston Park is located in the southwest quadrant of Champaign. This park is 10.518 acres with plenty of available shade and a .43 miles paved path & benches.

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